Prograf Prices The deformation of the vertebrae leads to an incorrect distribution of the load, and the intervertebral discs suffer the most from this. Tacrolimus Online LEARN MORE mental health treatment NJ Quality Prograf Under the pressure of the vertebrae, the discs destroy the endplates, and part of the nucleus pulposus penetrates into the bone tissue - this is how Schmorl's hernia is formed. The ligaments holding the spine thicken as a result of this action and affect the growth of the vertebrae. LEARN MORE

The disease is classified according to the location of the lesions of the vertebrae and the stage of development of the pathology. According to localization, two types of the disease are distinguished. This pathology does not affect the cervical region, and in general, cervical kyphosis is a very rare occurrence. Both types of the disease have several stages of development, differing in the degree of clinical manifestations. Table. Stages of Scheuermann-Mau disease.

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With late detection, the chances of a full recovery are very low, and even surgery is mainly aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the disease and improving the quality of life of the patient. That is why it is so important to identify the disease at an early stage, while the lesions are minimal and do not pose a health hazard.

Despite the fact that Scheuermann-Mau disease is well studied, experts cannot say exactly why it occurs. The most likely cause is considered to be a genetic predisposition, since in most children with this diagnosis, at least one of the parents also had this disease. Factors that provoke the development of Scheuermann-Mau disease also include.

Violations of posture are not the cause of deformation of the vertebrae, but contribute to its strengthening, as well as a sedentary lifestyle or obesity. A combination of several of these factors is especially dangerous during the period of active growth of the child.

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The first signs of the disease usually appear with the onset of prograf. Outwardly, they are expressed by increased stoop, impaired posture, while there are no complaints of deterioration in well-being. Changes in the vertebrae themselves are clearly visible on x-rays, therefore, if parents paid attention to the deterioration of posture in time and consulted a doctor, the curvature can be easily eliminated. If the early signs were ignored, the disease progresses, and new symptoms appear, the severity of which only increases with time.

Typical symptoms of Scheuermann-Mau disease include. The more the disease progresses, the stronger the external manifestations. the stoop increases, the head protrudes forward, a hump forms on the back, and the gait changes. With a strong deformity, the chest organs are compressed, displaced, and cease to function correctly, which is expressed by additional symptoms - shortness of breath, pain in the heart, problems with pressure. In the presence of Tacrolimus hernias and compression of the spinal cord by them, the patient has paresis of the limbs, severe dizziness, impaired excretory functions.

The main method of diagnosing Scheuermann-Mau disease is an X-ray examination. In the pictures of the spine, the angle of the bend, the wedge-shaped shape of the thoracic vertebrae, and Schmorl's hernia are clearly visible. With significant deformities and damage to the nerve roots, the patient is prescribed CT or MRI, as more accurate methods for assessing the state of bone tissue and paravertebral structures. To check the functional state of muscles and nerve fibers, electromyography is performed.

If you want to learn more about how the spine MRI procedure works, as well as consider when magnetic resonance imaging is indicated, you can read an article about this on our portal. Additionally, examinations of other specialists, for example, a pulmonologist or a cardiologist, a neurosurgeon, may be prescribed. It all depends on the extent of damage to organs and systems.

Orthopedists and vertebrologists specialize in the treatment of this pathology. It should be noted that in most cases the treatment process is very long and requires strict adherence to the measures prescribed by the doctor. As a rule, conservative methods are used, the main of which are exercise therapy, therapeutic massage and physiotherapy. Surgical intervention is indicated only in extreme cases, when conservative therapy does not give results, and the patient's condition deteriorates sharply.

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Massage for kyphosis should be carried out exclusively by a specialist, since deformed vertebrae and affected paravertebral tissues require the most careful exposure. In the absence of experience, it is unlikely that it will be possible to properly massage the most vulnerable areas, but it is easy to provoke a displacement of prograf pills or compression of nerve endings. Usually massage is prescribed in courses of 8-10 sessions approximately twice a year, with regular supervision by the attending physician.
  • Posted:August 12, 2021
Video - Exercises for deformation of the thoracic spine. Certain types of physical activity in Scheuermann-Mau disease are contraindicated. First of all, these are strength exercises, weight training, pumping up the muscles of the chest. Acrobatics, jumping, any traumatic sports are also prohibited. But swimming and health walking will be a very useful addition to exercise therapy, regardless of the stage of the disease.
  • Posted:May 2, 2021
Gymnastics is aimed at working out the muscles of the back and neck, the tone of which is impaired due to an incorrectly distributed load. The complex also includes breathing exercises that help normalize the functioning of the chest organs, saturate tissues with oxygen and improve well-being.
  • Posted:May 2, 2021

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